My New Life in Vancouver (2017, Canada)


In 2017, I wrote My New Life in Vancouver, a bestselling book for Chinese newcomers to Vancouver that was published in Canada. Daily entries written in both English and  Mandarin  provide practical information about local everyday life and culture in Vancouver. For sale at the SUP Bookstore (Aberdeen Centre, Richmond), Hager Books (Vancouver), and  online on Amazon.

Vancouver 365 (2018, China)


My second book, Vancouver 365, was recently published  in China for prospective immigrants and international students coming to Vancouver.   covers all aspects of local daily life and culture in Vancouver and every entry is written in both English and Mandarin. For sale online and in bookstores in China

Everyday Vancouver: 밴쿠버 내집처럼 지내기 – 365 생활가이드


 Exciting New Book! The (English and Korean) daily guide to Vancouver daily life, language and customs specifically targeted to Korean newcomers to Vancouver will be published in early 2020!



Every newcomer has a dream of a beautiful new life in Vancouver. However, sometimes it can be challenging to feel at home in a new land. Every month I write about the softer side of immigration, and delve into the emotional highs and lows of the whole experience.

Fit in Vancouver (2019, Canada)


An exciting visual guide to the daily celebrations and activities of locals in Vancouver. All entries  are in English and Mandarin, plus  the beautiful illustrations show the wonderful lifestyle  in Vancouver.

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Please visit my Linked In page for complete details of my professional  experience and educational background.  I have been happily  employed for the last 11 years as a professional English tutor in the Vancouver Community College's Learning Centre where I provide comprehensive and individualized learning assistance to VCC students from low level ESL to university transfer English.